MBTech creates 2.0 liter turbo diesel airplane engine

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There are plenty more hurdles to overcome than just the automobile when it comes to the greening of our transportation needs. One of the first that comes to mind is the airplane, which has truly become a necessary part of many people's daily needs. So, we were keenly interested in a press release from MBtech (pasted after the break) regarding a new 2.0 liter turbo diesel aircraft engine that will be shown at the SAE World Congress in Detroit this week. According to MBtech, the new engine delivers "considerably higher performance and torque but also 20 percent less fuel consumption," and is capable of running on either diesel fuel or kerosene. We're not certain on the status of using biodiesel in flight with this particular engine, but we know for sure that testing is being done in that arena.

Press Release:

Flying High With Turbo Diesel - MBtech at the SAE World Congress in Detroit

TROY, Mich., April 9, 2008 -- In addition to innovative automotive projects MBtech also presents a turbo diesel as a light aircraft engine concept.

"A climate for change" is the motto of the SAE 2008 World Congress taking place from April 14th to 17th at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI, USA. The event serves as a forum for international decision-makers from the passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and aeronautical industry in order to work together to find answers to current and future challenges concerning mobility. In the process the development and consulting services of the MBtech Group are becoming increasingly important. In Detroit MBtech is also presenting an adapted turbo diesel designed for use in light aircraft.

MBtech's reference project at the SAE congress proves that a high-quality adaptation cannot only be more cost-effective but also better than an entirely new development: A prototype of an aircraft engine developed in cooperation with Diamond Aircraft based on a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine. In comparison to the traditional aircraft engines the new turbo diesel not only delivers considerably higher performance and torque but also 20 percent less fuel consumption. State-of-the-art components enable the compact four-cylinder engine to run on either diesel or kerosene. Furthermore, MBtech also supports customers on the path towards certification and production.

In Detroit MBtech is also presenting a unique process competence for complex metal forming involving high-strength steels (HSS), advanced high- strength steels (AHSS) and aluminum. The new "Art-to-Part" services are available worldwide for diverse industries. Especially for the automotive body-in-white development, this process competence delivers both considerable reductions in weight to improve fuel economy as well as significant enhancements in crashworthiness.

Regardless of whether engine variants or new automobile chassis manufacturing procedures -- At MBtech every customer project profits from the unique combination of engineering know-how encompassing the entire vehicle and established consulting competence. As such MBtech makes a decisive contribution to developing and implementing sustainable solutions to the current challenges facing mobility

[Source: MBtech]

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