SAE Congress '08: Raser to show Series PHEV drivetrain for trucks

This week at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, Raser Technologies will be displaying their new plug-in series hybrid powertrain designed for application in full size trucks and SUVs. Raser is working with FEV, who are doing systems integration work on the design. The Raser configuration uses an AC induction motor with 200kW of peak power and 100kW of continuous output, a 100kW generator and a 700V lithium ion battery. Think of it as E-Flex for big trucks.
The system is expected to propel a truck up to 40 miles on battery power and yield an average of 100mpg. The system will also be able to provide up to 50kW of electrical power that can be used to power tools for commercial applications. We'll be looking for Raser at the Congress to learn more about their system.

[Source: Raser Technologies]

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