Beijing '08 Preview: Chery Faira range covers all the bases

Click above for a gallery of the Chery Faira range

Chery will show off its new Faira range of five compact cars at Auto China this week, and thanks to the gang at Autoblog Chinese, we have some decent-sized photos. to share. Power across the range comes from a 60-hp 1.3L ACTECO four-cylinder, though China Car Times says that the sporty Faira YY (above) could get a 1.5L. The rundown on the models is as follows:
  • Faira: 3-door two-passenger hatch. In the gallery, it's the blue one with the big smile.
  • Faira JJ: 5-door crossover complete with matte fender cladding. Not likely to provoke exclamations of, "Dyn-o-mite!"
  • Faira HH: 4-door notchback sedan
  • Faira YY: Sportier-looking 3-door. If it gets the 1.5L, it would likely have 80 hp or so.
  • Faira 5-door: Pretty self explanatory. We don't know its letter designation.
Interestingly, all five Faira models have unique fascias. Some obviously share headlights, but the grille shapes and placements vary. We'll hopefully have more on these when Auto China kicks off in Beijing this week. Until then, you can check out all five Fairas in the gallery below.

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[Sources: Autoblog Chinese, China Car Times]

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