One-lug aftermarket wheels for the masses

Once known as knock-offs for their distinctive retainers, pin-drive wheels are making a comeback amongst the tuner set. One Lug Wheels added its setup to the dolled-up Tjin Edition/Turtle Wax Chevy Cobalt. The car has received attention in a myriad of areas, but what really caught our eye were the lug-less wheels. Real racing cars - versus bestickered street driven spectacles - use wheels with a single central retainer to facilitate quick changes. The One Lug Wheels system appears to be like similar systems. There's a hub adapter that is secured to the lugs, which then allows the fitment of the appropriate wheels. The clean look of the wheel is the only street-bound benefit. The whole system adds unsprung weight, and probably increases the sideload on the wheelbearings. Not only that, the safety margin that multiple fasteners deliver is negated in favor of a stylish wheelnut. If you're comfortable with those tradeoffs and like the uncluttered wheel center, One Lug Wheels will soon be offering its wheels and mounting system to the buying public. Even if you're not into the tuner scene, how slick would it be to put knock off Halibrands on your Bullitt Mustang? With its retro-cred, the knockoff wheel has the potential to appeal to wrench turners young and old.

[Source: TunerZine]

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