Rendered Speculation: Alfa MiTo GTA

When Alfa Romeo revealed the engine line-up for the new MiTo hatchback, at the top of the list sat a turbocharged 1.8-liter four producing 230 horsepower. The notion of the punchy turbo sitting in the sumptuous little package set of a rash of speculation that the range-topper would warrant the application of Alfa's stoic GTA badge. Those rumors have now been rendered by Projetto955 into the image you see above, portraying what an Alfa MiTo GTA might look like. It's boiling over with go-fast features including jumbo wheels housed in bulging arches and connected by contoured side sills, with a big black lip spoiler jutting out the front and fender vents fore and aft to provide extra cooling for the added goin' and stoppin' power. While it has yet to be confirmed that the top of the range MiTo will indeed be a GTA, if it does, it's likely to look something like this.

[Source: Projetto955 via CarScoop]

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