Dodge Hybrid manager answers reader questions, without saying much

As Chrysler gets ready to launch their first hybrids this fall in the shape of the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen two-modes, Hybrid manager Abdullah Bazzi has posted answers to some reader questions over on the Dodge blog. While none of the questions are particularly deep or earth shattering, Bazzi does reiterate that a hybrid version of the Ram pickup is coming in 2010. Although at least one reader would like to see a hybrid version of the new Dodge Challenger, Bazzi says that would depend on making a business case for it.
The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. Sales projections for the Challenger are only about 40,000 units a year and it remains to be seen how sales will hold up after the demand for the first year's run is satisfied. At the moment all of Chrysler's future product plans are in flux as the new bosses revamp the lineup. Beyond the Durango/Aspen/ Ram hybrids and the diesel Grand Cherokee, nothing is certain. Head over to the Dodge blog to read the rest of Bazzi's responses.

[Source: Red Letter Dodge]

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