Connaught Engineering to hydridize Tesco Transits

We have featured lots of electric car conversions here on AutoblogGreen but until now there hasn't been very much in the way of hybrid conversions. Connaught Engineering, devisors of the hot little Type D hybrid (which should begin series production later this year) have taken the technology from their car and tweaked it to be retro-fitted to existing vehicles. An interesting proposition indeed.

According to a press release (PDF) on their website, Tesco is going to give the Connaught HYBRID+ system a go, starting with seven diesel Ford Transits. Over a period of six months, the home delivery vans will be tested thoroughly and if the results are favorable it is expected that Tesco will hybridize their entire Transit stable. Duncan Vavangas of Tesco is quoted as saying that the company is dedicated to reducing their carbon output and "transport is a key area and in addition to supporting new vehicle technologies we are keen to embrace affordable retro fit systems that save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions on our current fleet of home delivery vehicles." Tesco can back up their commitment to new energy-saving vehicle technology with evidence from their use of Modec all-electric trucks.

The Connaught Engineering HYBRID+ system avoids the use of heavy batteries and combines regenerative braking with super capacitors to reduce fuel use by 25 percent. The system will be on display at the Commercial Vehicle Show in the NEC in Birmingham, England from April 15-17.

[Source: Connaught Engineering / The Commercial Vehicle Show]

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