NADAguides: America's interest in compact cars on the rise

NADAguides, a website that offers car prices and specifications for customers, has announced that compacts are stirring more interest in the U.S. of A than before. According to their figures, consumer interest in the compact segment increased by 96 percent between January and March 2008. This number is based on searches Americans are doing for compact cars.

NADAguides said that the rise is a direct consequence of the increase in gas prices. Between January and March, this jumped 19 cents, on average, nationwide. According to Don Christy, Jr., president and CEO of, "In our opinion, car buyers are feeling the pinch at the pump and are researching more economical, fuel efficient vehicles as a result."

NADA divides the compact segment into three categories. Consumer interest in its mini-compact category increased 128 percent, while consumer interest in its sub-compact and compact categories increased 83 percent and 77 percent respectively. Five out of the twenty-five most researched cars on the site were compact cars. Among compacts, the models for which information research increased the most were the Mazda 3, Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic Sedan and Toyota Corolla.

[Source: NADAguides]

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