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Mopar opens Jeep/Dodge toybox and builds the Psychotic Six

Click above to view all of Mopar's "Psychotic Six"

While you won't be able to buy any of what Four Wheeler Blog calls Mopar's "Psychotic Six", you are permitted to drool so grab your kerchiefs and read on. FWB has the scoop on half a dozen project vehicles that Mopar's been wrenching on and are ready for prime time. The lot includes four Wrangler-based vehicles, one Dodge Ram and one Jeep Liberty.

We begin with the Jeep HEMI JK that's got a 110-inch wheelbase to prevent wheelies caused by its 6.1L V8. Then there's the Jeep Dana 60 JK, so named after its "Military Spec" Dana 60 rear axle. Our favorite is the Diesel TJ (above), which is basically a Wrangler outfitted with a 2.8L four-cylinder oil burner. The silver medal gets awarded to the Jeep J8 Sarge that is seriously spec'd out for some unforgiving ground warfare. The Cummins Power Wagon is inspired by PWs of old and powered by a 6.7L Cummins diesel. Finally we have the Jeep Liberator II that adds some serious off-roading equipment to the standard Liberty.

Four Wheeler Blog says these vehicles have already been revealed somewhere (a desert, we suspect), and it will have more detailed info on each of them in the August issue of Four Wheeler accompanied by some amazing photography of dune jumping and sand surfing.

[Source: Four Wheeler Blog]

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