Schumacher fills in at Ducati test, Raikkonen could be next

Actions speak louder than words. Surely a multiple world champion driver like Michael Schumacher would appreciate such a principal, yet the retired Formula One driver continues to proclaim that he has no intention of competing in MotoGP despite his actions suggesting otherwise. After bringing you previous reports of Schumacher dazzling the crowds at various motorcycle races, comes news that Schumi was called up by the Ducati team to fill in for its injured test driver. The Italian motorcycle racing team was in the middle of a three-day test session when its official test rider Vittoriano Guareschi was injured after falling off his bike, precluding him from continuing with the tests. Rather than call on any of what surely must be a long list of eager and experienced motorcyclists to take Guareschi's place, Ducati called Michael and asked him to step in.

Meanwhile Schumacher's successor at Ferrari, reigning world champion and current points leader Kimi Raikkonen, an experienced motocross rider, uncharacteristically commented at this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix that he'd like to follow in Schumacher's footpegs and try out a MotoGP racing bike, however Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali put the brakes on the prospect for the time being by commenting that Kimi has enough on his hands focusing on defending his title on four wheels.

[Source: F1-Live and Autosport]

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