eBay Find of the Day: 1954 Mercury XM-800 Concept Car

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The John Najjar-designed Mercury XM-800 concept was an auto show staple in 1954. With its covered whitewalls, sleek profile, detailed greenhouse, and a rear end that's even better looking than its nose, it caught the eye of many a showgoer. It also appeared in the 1954 feature, Woman's World (movie buffs, take note). As you likely know, most of the fabulous show and concept cars of the era wound up in the crusher, lost forever. As such, when a survivor pops onto the radar, it's a matter of interest. When its life on tour was complete, Ford Motor Company donated the XM-800 to the University of Michigan's Engineering School/Automotive Engine Laboratory School. Later, when the school closed, it was sold off to a private individual who later sold it off again. According to the auction listing, the most recent owner has had the car for the better part of the last three decades.

Now, it's on the market again, and it can be yours via eBay. It's in obvious need of restoration, but the car's bodywork is rust-free (it's fiberglass), and despite its age and general lack of use (it has reportedly been driven under five miles in its 54-year life) it's a runner. The current bid is $40,100 with the reserve not yet met. Even in its current state, the car's uniqueness means that the seller's probably looking for something a lot more substantial. Here's hoping someone with the means picks it up and takes the considerable financial plunge required to return it to its former glory.

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[Source: eBay via Bring a Trailer, ConceptCarz]

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