Put your best foot forward with Opel Agila City Heels

Click above for high-res gallery of the Opel Agila City Heels

April foolery a few days late? Unfortunately, no... the shoes you see above and in the gallery below are real. Opel has gone and commissioned a one-off pair of Opel Agila City Heels by Luca Stappers. Unveiled on April 2 at trendy shoe boutique Shoebaloo in Amsterdam, the shoes were delivered by a certain Prince Charming who rode, not in an Opel Agila, but on a white horse. We swear, we're not making this stuff up, though we honestly wish they were left in the back of someone's mind before ever hitting the drawing board. Whatever the case, the shoes do exist, so perhaps the lucky owner could cut her losses by lopping off the horrible fake-grille and headlights for some nice open-toed action. Or they could just throw 'em out. Heck, they aren't even white!

[Source: Opel via CarScoop]

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