Canadian pedal car gets its day in court

In early February we told you about a 1986 Buick Regal that had been gutted like a fish by Montreal-based artist Michel de Broin and had all its various mechanical bits replaced with a four-person pedal propulsion system. Basically, four passengers in the car each got their own set of bicycle-like pedals and together they could power the car up to a top speed of 15 km/h. Dubbed the "Shared Propulsion Car", de Broin's creation got a chilly reception from Canadian authorities who ticketed its driver(s) for operating an unsafe vehicle. Sure, it's powered by humans, uses actual hand brakes from a bicycle and has tea light candles instead of headlights, but is it less safe than an amish buggy or a rickshaw? That was just one of the arguments used by legal defender Terry Fox in court to defend the car against the Crown, which actually argued that the car was dangerous because it was carrying lit candles. Needless to say, the courtroom had a good chuckle and the Justice of the Peace presiding dismissed the case. Long live crazy car contraptions and God save the Queen! Thanks for the tip, Bam!

[Source: The Star]

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