Can nitrogen from GoNitroTire in a tire help a car "run green"?

We hear about filling our car's tires with nitrogen from time to time, and it's not always good news. Today, we feature an announcement from GoNitroTire (available after the jump). Guess which side of the fence they sit on.

GoNitroTire's founder and managing partner, Ken Lawton, wants everyone to use nitrogen in their tires and, on the surface, doing so seems to make sense. GoNitroTire's UltraFill99+ & TireXtender nitrogen inflation inflation technology is now available from the company's website. And who wouldn't want a gas in the tires that takes longer to leak out, making your car more efficient without any modifications whatsoever? NASCAR and the military use nitrogen tires, so why shouldn't the average Joe reap the same rewards? Well, as we wrote in 2006, Consumer Reports puts the kibosh on nitrogen in passenger car tires. NASCAR vehicles can make use of nitrogen's benefits, but in your Prius or Mazda2, keeping the tires inflated with air to the correct PSI will work just as well. Who out there has tried nitrogen in your tires? What were your results?

Press Release:



NASHVILLE, TN -March 26, 2008-Previously utilized only by NASCAR, the Military, and the Airline Industry, GoNitroTire brings Nitrogen Tire Inflation to consumers and business fleets large and small with UltraFill99+ & TireXtender, advanced technology and products that provide high purity Nitrogen Inflation now available to consumers at GoNitroTire is a member of Global Green USA , an environmental advocacy organization that supports the use of "green technology" which best sustains the balance between man and the environment. Nitrogen Tire Inflation provides tire pressure longer, a safer, smoother ride, and better gas mileage for vehicles, while extending the wear of tire.

With gas prices at the highest ever, consumers and business are looking for effective means to save money as well as helping the environment, GoNitroTire Founder and Managing Partner, Ken Lawton states, "The day has come for Nitrogen Tire Inflation to be embraced in the public domain... tried and tested by large industry and professional motor sports for decades. It is the best piece of Green Technology to emerge in many years... Our other Nitrogen products will further revolutionize the way people maintain their tires and for GoNitroTire, simply another platform for growth."

Using Nitrogen versus conventional air in a tire effectively maintains the correct amount of tire pressure for longer and as a result, creates a smoother ride while improving steering and braking, while reducing the possibility of blowouts. Conventional air filled in a tire contains 21% oxygen with varying moisture amount. Air permeates through a tire wall over 3 to 4 times faster than Nitrogen, according to a Bridgestone statement. Oxygen molecules and moisture cause the air to diffuse thru tire rubber, THE basis for slow leaks, and deterioration of the tire and its durability. Another great advantage is the convenience of not having to refill tries as often. All American made cars fitted with tire pressure sensors will benefit because nitrogen reduces TPMS exposure to oxygen and moisture.

Law Enforcement Fleets, Major City Fleets in various parts of the United States have made commitments to Nitrogen programs to this end.

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, only one in five drivers check their tire pressure properly! A tire can be 30%-40% under-inflated and still maintain a normal appearance. This issue is dramatically reduced with Nitrogen inflated tires because the larger Nitrogen molecule maintains proper pressure longer thus extending the life of a tire by up to 30%. Longer-lasting tires means less work and tire maintenance for the vehicle owner. Just as an engine, with proper maintenance and top-offs, performs better longer – Nitrogen and GoNitroTire's other Nitrogen Products provide this same benefit of longer lasting tires, while improving gas mileage, reducing fuel costs and our dependence on oil as "green technology."

UltraFill99+ is advanced Nitrogen technology, which since its release in April of 2007, has become the bench mark for Quality, Performance, Versatility and Value in the field of Nitrogen Tire Inflation today. Its ease of operation and self contained design has made it the thoroughbred of Nitrogen Systems. No changes need to be made to the vehicle or tire and is designed to quickly fill automobile and truck tires, large and small. Versatility in varied climates further sets UltraFill99+ apart from other Nitrogen systems that are membrane based. Presently, race cars, Tour de France, airlines, and military fleets utilize nitrogen in their tires. Great technology, which benefits consumers, businesses and the environment, is here to stay! TireXtender is an aerosol top-off product that enables owners of Nitrogen Inflated Tires to easily maintain the Nitrogen purity, important for optimal benefits of improved fuel economy, tire wear and ease of maintenance. Analogous to the quart of oil, owners use to maintain optimal efficiency and performance with their engines. TireXtender & UltraFill99+ provides the winning combination for peak performance in all inflated tires.

Ken Lawton is the founder of GoNitroTire, a three year old company helping Consumers and Fleet Operators to improve their bottom line through safer, longer lasting tires, greater fuel economy and a better balance between man and our environment has become GoNitroTire's mandate.

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[Source: GoNitroTire]

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