BMW still mulling selling engines to competitors

BMW has been kicking ass and taking names in luxury vehicle sales, and the Bavarian Motor mavens hold the top spot in global luxury sales as proof. Even though sales are more than brisk, top management wants to grow profits, and selling the German automaker's silky-smooth engines to its competitors may be part of the profitability plan. Back in February (and last May), news reports out of Germany said team Bimmer was looking for customers for its engines and transmissions, and now we have verification. Friedrich Eichiner, BMW's board member for corporate and brand development, told Automotive News that the company will decide by year end whether to sell its engines to the likes of General Motors, Daimler and Fiat.
For a relatively small company, BMW has a ton of money invested in engine tech, with a full range of turbo-diesel, turbocharged and naturally aspirated petrol offerings. It makes sense for BMW to sell its engines and transmissions to pocket some extra coin, as what makes a BMW an Ultimate Driving Machine is much more than just what's driving it underhood.

[Source: Automotive News - subs. req'd]

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