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Officially Official: Knight Rider airing Wednesday nights this Fall

Well, this morning, NBC made it official: Wednesday nights this Fall we'll all be able to say "Hello, Mike", as Knight Rider returns to the weekly schedule. The Peacock network unveiled its Fall lineup today and, despite rumors that it would appear on Friday nights, the new Knight Rider is relegated to the Hump night at 8-9PM EST. Encore showings will also run each week on Saturday night from 9-10PM EST. We're a bit surprised, or perhaps disappointed, that the show will be kicking the night off at 8 o'clock, as it suggests adult themes will not be present. Not that we're looking for lesbian overtures in every episode as was brazenly and inexplicably included in the pilot two-hour movie, but knowing that the new KR is sanitized for my nephew's protection is just one more nail in this show's coffin.

Nevertheless, your friendly neighborhood Autoblog plans to watch every episode until the show gets cancelled. Alex Nunez will liveblog each episode every Wednesday night, just like he did the two-hour movie. You're all invited to follow along as Alex poignantly picks apart each episode. Bring a box of tissues, though. You'll need them to dab the blood away from your eyes.

[Source: Variety]

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