Hyundai's "Big Duh" campaign officially one to remember

As we learned at the New York Auto Show, the fanciest or funniest videos don't always take home the trophies. Hyundai's recent "Big Duh" ads won the IAG Research ad award by being the one ad the really stuck in the skull of folks at home from Nov 1, 2007 through Jan 26, 2008 . The "Big Duh" year end sales event spots were recognized as the most effective car ads because it's apparently hard to forget a choir singing the word "Duh" to "O Christmas Tree" while a Hyundai Azera rotates on screen.

Hyundai's ads were also effective because the "Big Duh" theme was used over a period of several months, which helped viewers better associate the 30-second spots with the Korean automaker. A few of the "Duh" themes carried out over the past few months are "Pink Panther" and "2001 Space Odyssey", and the obvious point of the commercials is that getting a great deal on a Hyundai is a no-brainer. With improving ads and some hot new products on the way, it seems Hyundai has a lot to celebrate of late. We added a few of the "Big Duh" commercials after the jump so you can see why they're so memorable.

[Source: Auto Dateline]

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