Belated April Foolery: Ford's new Symbiosis logo

Click either image for a gallery of the Symbiosis logo in action

Yesterday was full of fun and funny April Fools jokes, but most didn't stand up to a close inspection. Toyota buying the Oldsmobile name? C'mon. A really good April Fools joke has to withstand scrutiny, have many layers to it and convince the person being fooled that there's no way someone would put this much effort into a joke. Armin Vit, who runs a website about corporate brands and identity called Brand New, and Marko Savic pulled a prank yesterday that still has people talking. Vit published a post about Ford changing its iconic 96-year-old logo, the blue oval, into something a little more modern. Ridiculous, right? But Vit used as the basis for his prank a project that Savic had created for a class in college, and it was well fleshed out. The new logo is called Symbiosis and presented in multiple variations for the different contexts in which it could appear, and they even included a 3-D representation of what new signage would look like in front of dealerships. The entire post is also written in standard press release jargon that uses ten sentences of hyperbolic prose to explain why the "F" slants this way instead of that way . The whole package is very convincing and Savic tells us that people are still falling for the joke even today. To that end, Vit has published a note at the end of the post revealing that it is a joke. It is a joke, right guys?

[Source: Brand New]

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