Production Camaro convertible prototype photos hit the web

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Camaro Convertible PrototypeAccording to the person who posted these on, what you're seeing is the production base Camaro convertible. Or, at least a prototype of it. Assuming that these shots are the real deal, the car depicted appears to be a study of sorts, as it shows how it looks with two different sets of wheels -- base and an upgrade -- one style fitted to each side of the car. As commenters on the Camaro5 thread have pointed out, this particular prototype doesn't have the placeholder headlamps used on the mules, and there's no faux scoop on its front fascia, either. That, we like. Hell, we like the whole thing. As was the case with the concept that set the stage for it last year, this droptop Camaro looks very slick. If these are legit, many thanks to the leaker, as we've all gotten a little bored with the coupe spy shots. "Look, a black one. And a white one. Again."

Let us know what you think in the comments. Are these real or a ruse? Thanks, Rod!

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[Source: Camaro5]

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