Qatar wants a grand prix, too

Another day, another Persian Gulf emirate wanting to get into F1. If it weren't enough having a grand prix in Bahrain, another one coming to Abu Dhabi and an F1 theme park under construction in Dubai, now Qatar is throwing its proverbial hat into the ring by bringing its race track up to FIA specifications.

The Losail International Circuit was built in 2004 for $58 million primarily as a motorcycle racing track. It has held top-level events for the MotoGP and Superbike series, and even held a Grand Prix Masters race in 2006. But to get up to F1 standards, it will need massive improvements, including large run-off areas to make it safe enough for Formula One cars to do their thing. The local racing federation is now inviting tenders to bid on the project, but even once the renovations are complete, that won't mean it will get a race.


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