Rendered speculation: BMW iSetta spaceball

From user omolody on Flickr.

Uploaded a few months ago to Flicker, the image above take a wild stab at what the new BMW iSetta mini car might look like. For comparison, check out Auto Express' vision, which is much more normal if you think the iMiEV is standard-looking. At first glance, it's hard to tell which end of these flights-of-fancy is the front (it's the stubby side, in keeping with the original). We like the vertical stripe down the front and the semi-tadpole layout of the wheels (the back wheels are closer together than the front wheels), but we're not sure we'd actually enjoy driving one of these. While we wait for something a little more official from BMW on the rumors of reviving the iSetta as an electric city car, we'll imaging driving around in one of these little spaceballs. Man, that looks tiny. Thanks to Olivier for the tip!

[Source: Flickr]

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