California lawmaker wants to end emissions exemption for some old cars

Since the 1970s California has required car owners to get their emissions tested periodically before they can renew their registrations. However, for obvious reasons, cars built before 1976 were exempted from the rules since they could not reasonably expected to meet newer standards. Now, though, California state Senator Dean Florez wants to repeal that exemption at least in the San Joaquin Valley area. Given that the number of pre-1976 cars on the road is shrinking every year, and many of those that remain are restored classics and better maintained than most cars, this seems like pointless posturing on the part of Florez. Perhaps a more effective approach would be to offer some sort of incentive to owners of old beaters to get them off the road and replace them with modern vehicles. This would help to get the real offenders out the population. I mean, the true classics are typically driven relatively few miles each year and aren't really part of the problem. Thanks to Kevin for the tip!


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