Would gas be 6-9 cents a gallon more expensive without ethanol?

Gas prices are noticeably high. Ethanol is not exactly the most loved liquid in the country (unless you're a farmer or a politician representing a farm state). How might you be able to leverage these negatives into a positive? How about making sure people know that all of this corn fuel is saving them at the pump?
According to a news release from the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), gasoline that has been blended to include ten percent ethanol is six to nine cents per gallon cheaper at the pump than gasoline that contains no ethanol. ACE uses data from price reports by Axxis Petroleum and the Oil Price Information Service to arrive at these numbers. ACE says about two million gallons of ethanol are added to the nation's fuel supply every day.

[Source: American Coalition for Ethanol]

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