Acid poured on athlete's Bentley Continental GT Speed

The British -- who certainly aren't alone -- have been said to have a thing against folks flaunting their top-of-the-food-chain status with things like yellow Ferraris. Jeremy Clarkson said buying a Ferrari would mean spending a lot of time scraping phlegm off of it. Well, we're not sure if the Scottish hate Bentleys -- we can't imagine so -- but someone there has a severe dislike for Rangers FC goalie Allan McGregor. And they took it out on his silver Bentley Continental GT Speed, pouring acid and writing graffiti on the back of the car.

McGregor appears to be a fine goalie, so this is probably not due to his on-pitch performances. He has made headlines for a different kind of performance lately, and this car attack does fit the revenge mold -- but acid? I mean really. On a Bentley? It's no way for us to start a Monday, that's all we're saying. McGregor probably wasn't so happy about it, either... Thanks for the tip, Warren!

[Source: Daily Record via German Car Scene]

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