Treehugging Hummer?

The erroneous contention that a Hummer is more efficient and earth-friendly than a Prius over the vehicles' lifetime has sailed across the net for months. The argument defies common sense, and has been debunked repeatedly. The "studies" were flawed by design, but they served the purpose of sowing confusion and doubt. The point by point rebuttal to this nonsense can be found here and here. To take just one point, it is presumed that a Hummer will drive more miles than a Prius, thus spreading out its environmental impact over a longer period of time. Huh?
So, when we saw the picture to the right, we had to wonder: is this Hummer a rolling advertisement for bad science or just a twisted sense of humor?

[Source: Where is Holden? h/t to Stefano P.]

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