Mexican drug cartel builds James Bond-inspired Jeep Cherokee

James Bond employed the use of numerous devices built right into his many Aston Martins to fend off the bad guys. Unlike Mr. Bond though, law enforcement agencies do not have the budget for elaborate contraptions aimed at making easier the task of rounding up criminals. Just because the police are strapped for funds, however, doesn't stop real world villains from using their abundant supply of greenbacks to turn the tables. On top of collecting powerful military grade weaponry, drug cartels in Mexico are now building gadget-filled get away vehicles. After a shoot-out in Mexico City, Police recently discovered an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee outfitted with a rear fogger system and road spike release mechanism. The devices were intended to ward off any chase vehicles in a decidedly theatrical fasion. In the end, the modifications on this particular Jeep were not even utilized since the Cherokee was abandoned by its passengers after ramming into a military vehicle. Even though the Jeep did not feature a full range of potential weaponry, it was at least a small sacrificial sampling. Who knows what else is up there sleeves. Thanks for the tip Mehul!

[Source: BBC News]

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