Britain's Telegraph picks their 100 most beautiful cars of all time!

The Telegraph is a major British newspaper and it's just published a list of what it deems the 100 most beautiful cars of all time. No matter what country you visit, regional automotive journalists seem to have some degree of bias toward the local brands. British publications, although they often feature outstanding writing, seem to be particularly egregious in this area. I personally have always had a soft spot in my heart for old British sports cars, particularly the Triumph TR6 and the Austin-Healy 3000. Having said that, there is a very good reason why most of the venerable British automotive brands have gone belly up. There are plenty of cars that have been created in British workshops that should just as soon be forgotten as memorialized on a list of the 100 most beautiful cars. Perhaps 100 is just too many to select. Regardless, as much as I love Lotus, the original Europa is not a car I would ever include on a list of beautiful cars, and definitely not ahead of the Toyota 2000 GT. Others that clearly don't belong on the list are the Triumph Stag, Ford Granada and Land Rover Defender. While the No. 1 slot could certainly be argued, the car they chose certainly belongs in the top 5 of any such list. The No. 2? Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Click the source to see the list for yourself.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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