Autocar ranks 100 top F1 drivers of all time

Autocar has listed the top 100 Formula 1 drivers of all time, as declared by British motorsport journalist Alan Henry. We won't spoil the top-of-the-list surprise for you, but of course, as with all of these things, some of the placings could be a little controversial. At least until one realizes that there haven't really been that many F1 drivers in the 62-year history of the sport. Still, Mika Hakkinen at #10 in front of Michael Schumacher at #11 strikes us as somewhat odd. And Barrichello and Button ahead of Bruce McLaren? Hmmm. Autocar has the top 30 listed, you can get the full list here.
Thanks for the tip, Darren!

[Source: Autocar via]

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