New York 2008: Mitsubishi Ralliart Sportback a definite maybe

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Mitsubishi's revised strategy for the U.S. market was outlined last month in its "Step Up 2010" business plan that seeks to renew the automaker's focus on competing with the major players in North America. The one bit of information that caught out eye in Mitsu's press release was a plan to offer a hatchback Lancer into its range. While the Prototype-S whet our appetite, there was no definitive confirmation that the Ralliart drivetrain in the concept would be fitted to the five-door when it makes its production debut, likely sometime next year. According to a Mitsubishi spokesperson we talked to here in New York, the wagon is coming, and when asked if it would be equipped with the 235-hp turbocharged four and all-wheel-drive system, his response was, "Probably Ralliart. But you can only speculate on that." Good enough for us, but from what we've heard ourselves, a U.S.-market Sportback is past the speculation stage already..

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