Repsol fills old oil fields in the Mediterranian with CO2

Repsol, one of Europe's biggest oil companies, has decided to store half a million tons of CO2 under the Mediterranean Sea. The plan is to capture CO2 at its refinery in Tarragona, Spain, and move it 43 km through the pipeline that connects it to an old "Casablanca" oil platform.

This system will not only serve as a carbon capture project but will also help finish the extraction of crude from the old well, which is only producing 2,800 barrels per day.

The method Repsol will use involves capturing the CO2 before it comes out the chimneys, liquefying it and pushing it though the aforementioned pipeline. Once it reaches the offshore rig, it would be pushed 3,000 meters down. According to Repsol, the CO2 becomes stable in liquid form below 800 meters.

[Source: El PaĆ­s]

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