Volvo shows off new diesel hybrid in Las Vegas

No, Volvo hasn't created a diesel "range-extender" for their ReCharge concept nor have they divulged details of a love-child from its Saab liaison. What Volvo has done is prove the newly-coined adage, "not all hybrids are created equal.", with a monster that could crush the competition. Literally. Volvo has used the strengths of hybrid-electric technology to save fuel and increase the power of their earth moving behemoth, the L220F Hybrid wheel loader.

An Integrated Starter Generator [ISG] coupled with a state-of-the-art battery of undisclosed chemistry is at the heart of this hybrid. Not only can it immediately "spin up" the motor for start / stop capability but it also assists the diesel while it's at low RPM with an instant 700Nm boost. Fuel savings are said to be 10 percent.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas this weekend you can catch up with this Volvo live at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibition. If not, hit the jump for all the exciting details from their press release.

Press Release:

Volvo CE Unveils Hybrid Wheel Loader at CONEXPOCON/AGG 2008

Volvo Construction Equipment's L220F Hybrid wheel loader will offer significant fuel and cost
saving benefits as well as performance and environmental gains when deliveries begin late next year.
Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) will use the CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibition March 11 –
15, 2008, in Las Vegas to unveil a pre-production prototype of its L220F Hybrid wheel loader. Offering
more power, better performance and a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, the L220F Hybrid's
increased efficiency and cost saving potential will offer customers a much greater return on their
investment over the lifecycle of the machine.

Leveraging its position as the world's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines in the 9 – 18-
liter class, the Volvo L220F Hybrid's parallel hybrid technology has been developed within the Volvo
Group and uses as its platform the proven and reliable D12 engine. While much of the technology
remains confidential, subject to patents pending, the heart of the hybrid system is an ISG – Integrated
Starter Generator. Fitted between the engine and the transmission, the ISG is coupled to a state-of-theart
battery that has many times the power capacity of a normal lead acid battery. The ISG works in a
number of ways:
Power when you need it – and only when you need it
Firstly, up to 40% of a wheel loader's time can be spent with the engine idling. The ISG allows the
diesel engine to be turned off when stationary – and then almost instantly restarted by rapidly spinning
the engine up to optimum working speed using a burst of energy from the high power battery.
Secondly, the ISG can also overcome diesel engine's traditional problem of low torque at low engine
speeds by automatically offering a massive electric torque 'boost' – as the ISG's electric motor offers
torque of up to 700 Nm from standstill. Put in engine power terms – the ISG adds up to 50 kW of instant
mechanical energy.
The combination of these two attributes of the ISG mean that the diesel engine will remain off for long
periods when it would otherwise be idling – and that the operator does not need to over-rev the engine
in order to get sufficient torque to work, as peak torque will be offered at almost tick-over engine
speeds. The battery is then replenished automatically without reducing productivity, with the ISG acting
as a dynamo/alternator.

While the ISG is the heart of the system, there are other energy saving innovations in the L220F Hybrid,
such an electrically powered climate control system (rather than being powered directly by the engine).
When coupled to the non-hybrid L220F's already efficient V-ACT Volvo engine and hydraulic systems,
the L220F Hybrid's additions make for dramatic improvements in efficiency and economy without a
reduction in reliability.
The best of both worlds
The Volvo L220F Hybrid will be Volvo's – and probably the industry's – first commercially available
wheel loader when deliveries begin in late 2009. This first- generation machine will spearhead a sea
change in the industry, highlighting to customers that buying hybrids offers much more than 'just'
environmental benefits. The key advantages of the Volvo Hybrid system is that of much lower fuel costs
combined with improved performance. Volvo hybrid equipment will come to be recognised as truly the
best of both worlds.
More productivity and lower fuel consumption without sacrificing any of the values associated with
Volvo in terms of quality and safety. The Volvo L220F Hybrid means higher efficiency and reduced
fuel consumption and reduced impact on the environment.

[Source: Volvo via Motor Age]

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