Eco Racing withdraws greenest racer from Sebring

Life can be rough. I had just received a press notice telling me about this "green" race car, the Radical SR10 LMP1 prototype, that the British Eco Racing team has entered in the American Le Mans Series opener at Sebring. I did a little digging so I could better inform you when I found headline-reversing type news. Apparently, there was an incorrect provision of homologation (yeah, I had to look it up too) papers from chassis manufacturer, Radical, according to a report in the well-informed PlanetLemans. The team does hope to get its affairs in order in time to race in the fourth installment of the ALMS in Salt Lake City.

What exactly makes this car so green besides the (water-based) paint scheme? It has been engineered to run on a 50 percent biodiesel mix (though because of "rules" it may have to use Shell GTL diesel for now). Also, the car uses bodywork components made from 100 percent biodegradable hemp fibre and it has solar panels to juice up some of its electrical systems. No word on any carbon offset program.

[Source: Planetlemans]

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