Fisker believes green cars need to be sexy

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There is one major problem with the current list of electric or hybrid sedans on the market right now: they are seen as boring by many people. Sure, some drivers have fun in their hybrids by squeezing the most mileage that they can from a gallon of gas, and many people have a good time with the "eco-screen" that many vehicles come equipped with, but those features could hardly be described as "sexy". Henrik Fisker plans to change all of that with the Karma, his hybrid sedan capable of 125 miles per hour and a 6 second rush to 60. According to Fisker, ''For me it's important to create a vehicle that's so sexy you've just got to have it, and later you find out that you can go 80 kilometers (50 miles) without using any gas." That sounds like pretty good reasoning. For drivers who want to to be green and look good doing it, the Karma may be the perfect vehicle.

For what it's worth, we think that the Karma is a beautiful car, and sincerely hope that Fisker is able to get it into production for the end of '09 as is currently planned.

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[Source: Forbes Autos]

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