Ear-chewing boxer's Bentley for sale in Britain

Falls from grace usually happen pretty quickly, especially in the age of the interwebs. Sometimes, though, they play out over years and years, as is the case with Mike Tyson -- whose fall from grace probably finished a few years ago, but the garage sales continue. Up next: his Bentley Continental SC, or Sedanca Coupe.

Just one of 73 examples of the SC, this 1999 model is being sold in the UK but comes in left-hand-drive. As one would expect of a Bad Boy Bentley, the 3-ton car gets to sixty in six, and the removable glass roof will let the wind in your hair tell the story. When it was brand new the car was worth $500,000, which it took Tyson in his prime all of about five seconds in the ring to earn. So the car isn't worth exactly what it would be when Tyson was in his prime, but he's still Tyson, and it's still a Bentley, and they can both be yours for the low low price of 135,000 pounds.

[Source: Auto Trader via Luxist]

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