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Truckticular implants: The Stretch Truck

Is a 20-foot long, four-door longbed pickup still too small for your needs? Whether it's ego or an overabundance of backsides to seat, size definitely matters to Stretch Truck. The Denver based customizer will add extra length to your hauler (they've got a thing for Fords, it seems) with a seamless factory look. It's easy to take potshots about how these trucks are the panacea for insecurity, but they fill a niche that's too narrow for the automakers to fill themselves. One of their six-door Excursions would carry at least half of the Autoblog team with all our gear tossed in back. Stretch Truck's fine work costs accordingly, running in the $20,000 range, but you don't give up much. We expect that the turning circle is large enough to require a harbor pilot, and the extra wheelbase might make it difficult to crawl the Rubicon, but if you've got a need to carry a brood and a burden, these extra-long trucks might be just right.

[Source: Stretch Truck via Winding Road]

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