BMW considering tii version of the next 3-series?

Click above for high-res gallery of the BMW Concept 1-Series tii

Of all the BMW 2002s still on the road, the tii models have remained the most highly prized. The combination of lightweight parts, Kugelfisher mechanical fuel injection and upgraded braking and suspension components made it the milestone of BMW performance offerings during the '60s and '70s. BMW recognizes the cachet that the tii badge carries among afficionados, and may be looking to officially bring back the badge to slot in below its M-line of products.

What began with the 1-series tii concept has evolved into the automaker's BMW Performance accessories range that now includes aero bits, uprated wheels and brakes, plus a range of interior components covering everything from heavily bolstered buckets to LED instrument clusters. BMW might be planning to offer similar parts for the next generation 3-series, due out sometime in early 2012. Aside from more traditional bolt-on accessories, this could included a tweaked version of the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six currently found in the 335i producing 355 hp and sending power to BMW's new dual-clutch transmission on its way down the driveline to an M3-spec limited-slip differential.

Naturally, any news coming from Autobild has to be treated with a few grains of salt, but if BMW offers a tii version of the 1-series – rumored to be a possibility – it wouldn't be a tough sell for a similar version of BMW's best-selling 3-series.

Update: Gabe over at BimmerFile tipped us off that the electronic differential and DSC system found in the current 135i will find its way into the 335i in the next few years. The extra kit will likely be part of a performance package to keep the 335i relevant before the next iteration comes to market.

[Source: AutoBild via Motor Authority]

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