BMW considering luxury microcar for sale in India

It's been sporadically reported over the past few months that BMW is considering offering a new microcar to battle it out with the smarts and Toyota iQs of the world. An Isetta revival seems plausible, but in markets outside of Europe and the U.S., the determining factor for consumers is price.
BMW might be looking to India to launch its newest breed of mini mobility, something that would be similar in size to the recently released Tata Nano, but come equipped with more of the luxuries normally associated with the German marque.

The PTI News agency originally reported on BMW's initial exploration into this new vehicle, and our friends over at World Car Fans contacted BMW for more information. According to BMW's spokesperson, there are no plans to compete with the Nano, but the automaker is exploring "the future [of] mobility," a wonderfully canned answer from a PR department if we ever heard one.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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