Video: Awesome Indian ad for Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle

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While Bajaj is primarily known for its line of retro-style scooters in America, Bajaj is a major player in their home country of India in the motorcycle market. Their flagship model, the Pulsar, is a very respected motorcycle in India, and thanks to a tip from sanyam, we're able to show you this awesome video of the Pulsar in action. Good videography, professional stunt riding and well planned choreography make quite a display, even when the riders are mounted on machines with a mere 200cc of engine capacity. In case you were wondering, that 0.2-liter manages 18 horsepower, which looks to be plenty to have fun with, and it makes bikes like the Ninja 250 even more desirable. We wish that more small-bore sportbikes were available on our shores, but buyers have historically flocked to the much faster and more expensive middleweight class.

Videos such as this one make us glad to be internet-addicts, 'cause you know that corporate lawyers would have a hard time approving an ad in the U.S. Check the video after the jump.

[Source: Youtube]

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