Sweden now requires drivers to learn eco-driving skills

Sweden is one of the leaders (besides Brazil of course) in promoting the use of biofuels, particularly ethanol. The Scandinavian country's latest environmental effort involves trying to address the biggest variable of all, the driver. Since the start of this year, new drivers have been required to learn some techniques that help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
Stockholm driving instructor Lars Rembjer teaches his students techniques like waiting until first gear has been engaged and the parking brake released before cranking up the engine. There are also the obvious things like driving in the highest practical gear and using the engine for braking. Finland and the Netherlands may soon follow Sweden in adding eco-driving to their licensing tests. The beauty of eco-driving is that it can be equally applied to any all vehicles no matter how old or what fuel it runs on. There is no additional cost and the payback is immediate.

[Source: Planet Ark, via The Truth about Cars]

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