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Accident involving 200+ cars occurs on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway

Early this morning on the highway that connects Abu Dhabi and Dubai, around 200 cars were involved in a mass traffic accident that has reportedly left six people dead and hundreds injured. Weather conditions were a factor in the accident, as a thick morning fog apparently reduced vision, which led to motorists driving full speed into the pile up one after another. Because the fog was so thick, people with serious injuries couldn't be flown by helicopter to area hospitals right away and were treated by a pair of doctors and nurses on the scene. Gulfnews is reporting that 25 cars caught on fire, and six full-size busses were involved, as well. Images from the crash scene, which you can view by clicking the source below, are incredible, including the one shown above. Thanks for the tip, Mahdi.

[Source: Gulfnews]

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