Audi launches Iron Man mini-site

Click above to view more high-res stills from Iron Man

Audi is obviously pleased with the product placement monopoly it's acquired on the upcoming blockbuster movie Iron Man starring Robert Downey, Jr., Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others. Sharing the screen with those actors will be the Audi R8 - Tony Stark's personal daily driver, an airborne Q7 SUV, and no doubt many other autos branded with the four rings that are subtly slipped in here and there. To drive home the point that Audi is as hip as can be, the German automaker has launched an Iron Man mini-site that, at the moment, looks pretty flashy but lacks much substance. There are of course movie stills, which you can check out below in our own gallery sans the flash interface, as well as the trailer and a few brief video clips that are new and heavily infused with Audi products. Other than that, there's also a breakdown of the Audi R8 and its features, which you could also find on Audi's regular website, as well as character bios (Did you know Stark's assistant, Virginia Potts, drives an S5?). Regardless of how heavy handed Audi is with the product placement, we still expect Iron Man to be an epic on-screen adventure and orders of magnitude better than that other car movie coming out this summer.

[Source: Audi]

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