Assystem City Car - yes, you can laugh

Perhaps if the Assystem City Car didn't look like a time traveling street sweeper from Uranus it wouldn't be the butt of so many jokes (So very sorry). Of course, what do you expect from Swiss designer Franco Sbarro, a man with a history of, um, interesting designs. It is a bit of a shame, too, because this thing actually has lots of very neat-o tech incorporated into it as well as several green features. For example, according to their website, it's a hybrid. The front wheel has an electric motor in it whilst the back is petrol driven. Also, it's 95 percent recyclable or re-useable, which ought to come in handy shortly after the conclusion of the Geneva Motor Show where it made its debut.

On the tech side, the Assystem City Car has external cameras which recognize highway signs, pedestrians and traffic lights and "reinforces" them inside your windshield. Other subsystems which show up on your HUD include telephony, hi-fi, video, and oh, navigation in case you actually want to drive somewhere after you're done being entertained. Safety is not forgotten in this concept either. Not only will the biometric iris analyzer let you know if you are too drunk tired to drive, it will also immobilize the engine and send you a text message in case of an "unauthorized intruder." True story.

[Source: Assystem via Wired Autopia]

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