AB Health Beat: Know your DNA or drive in luxury?

Ok, think back to your 10th grade science class. Do you remember reading about a Dr. James Watson? You know, Watson and Crick? The guys who discovered the double helix shape of our DNA? Sigh. Never mind. Just know that Dr. Watson is rather well-known for his work in the stuff that makes you who you are (and, no, we're not talking about your irregular bathing habits).

Recently, a Swiss man paid $350,000 to have his DNA sequenced. The New York Times talked to him about why he would pay such a high price. "I'd rather spend my money on my genome than a Bentley or an airplane," the man said. Okay, but to us car guys, this is nonsensical. Our DNA doesn't have 550 horsepower, nor can it provide the instant gratification said ponies summon up when our brains send the appropriate signal to our right feet.

Now, back to our Dr. Watson. Last year, a company donated $1.5 million to pay for the sequencing of his DNA. The New York Times was again on the case and asked him about it. "I was in someone's Bentley once - nice car," Watson said. "Would I rather have my genome sequenced or have a Bentley? Uh, toss up."

That's what we're talking about! Drive the Bentley, doc! Get yourself a Continental GT, mount that Nobel on the radiator and just drive until you can't even remember what deoxyribose nucleic acid is. In the NYT article, Dr. Watson continues to say he hopes DNA sequencing will some day come down in price from Bentley to Chevy so that everyone can afford to know their genetic makeup. If that ever happens, we'll still say, "Take the Vette!"

[Source: The New York Times]

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