Like Honda's CR-Z concept? Tell them what you think

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It's no secret that we were stoked to see Honda re-entering the dedicated hybrid game with the announcement that they would soon be entering production with their CR-Z concept. What's cool is that Honda has seen fit to allow you to show your enthusiasm too. Click here to go straight to Honda's survey regarding the new hybrid hatch. If you want to brush up on your knowledge about the CR-Z, click here for some of our coverage, then go here for Honda's CR-Z minisite.

While the upcoming Honda "global-hybrid" is the likely sales leader and Prius-fighter, we like that Honda is reviving the concept of the fun-to-drive CRX as an environmentally-friendly sporty car which should go a long way towards showing people that driving green can also be driving fun.

[Source: Honda, thanks for the tip, kt]

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