In China, Toyota cuts price of Prius by 8% due to slowing sales

The Prius is not doing well in China. According to, Toyota sold 2,152 Priuses in 2006 but the number dropped to 414 in 2007. Hoping to stop slowing sales, Toyota is trying price cuts, the first since the green car was introduced to China in 2005. The second-generation and Navigation edition Prius' prices will be cut by roughly eight percent or $3,000. Toyota will also delay the introduction of the third-generation Prius in China by six months to Spring 2009.
Prius sales are down in China due to the lack of acceptance of hybrids and increased competition. The Honda Civic hybrid was imported to China last year and more hybrids are coming to China from GM and Changan this year.

[Source:, Shanghai Daily via AutoSpies]

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