Seat captures opening rounds of WTCC with Leon TDI

The opening rounds of the World Touring Car Championshio took place last week in Brazil and Seat won both races with drivers Yvan Muller and Gabrieli Tarquini. Spain-based Seat is a division of Volkswagen, and like other brands in the group they are pushing diesel engines in motorsports as well as on the road. This year's Seat Leons are powered by 2.0L four cylinder TDI engines. The front wheel drive Seats were at a definite disadvantage to the rear drive BMWs in handling but the torque of the turbodiesel engines allowed them to easily pull away on the straights. Unfortunately we don't get these touring cars here in the U.S. but we'll be looking forward to checking out the VW Jetta TDI cup this spring and summer.

[Source: Top Gear]

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