Nine Toyota execs in the U.S. retiring, or are they?

With Toyota reporting its daily average sales rate fell 6.6 percent last month, it might be easy to think the retirement of nine U.S. executives is a sign that the company is getting ready for a new start. But at least one analyst thinks something else might be happening. Head hunting.
Toyota's February sales drop was nearly as bad as some other automakers, and these nine retirees could be more defectors lured away by other carmakers desperate to salvage their businesses. At least two of the retiring employees have more than 30 years experience with one of the world's most successful companies. Their talents and knowledge would be quite attractive. Hey, it's happened before.

So keep an eye out for these guys to possibly pop up again soon as new hires, like Dave Illingworth, Toyota Motor Sales' senior vice president and chief administrator. He had been with the company for 30 years. Also leaving are 37-year-employee Alan DeCarr, group V.P. and general manager of Toyota Logistics Services; and, after 21 years with Toyota, Jim Aust, VP for motorsports and president of Toyota Racing Development is out, as well.

[Source: AP via AOL Money]

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