Geneva 2008: Weak in the knees for the Artega GT Intro 2008 Edition

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What started as an innocent crush last year in Geneva and blossomed into a budding romance in Frankfurt, has finally turned into a full-blown obsession. Our first introduction to the Artega GT proved love isn't blind, particular when Henrik Fisker pens it. The sensuous curves of the initial prototype had us drooling from across the room, and after seeing the production version late last year in Frankfurt, it quickly found a slot in our dream garage.

One year later, we're still smitten. The combination of the Artega's small footprint, 300-hp rear-mounted DI V6, and carbon fiber bodywork has us on pins and needles. And for the 99 lucky souls that got their orders in early, they'll be receiving a limited edition "Intro 2008" model swathed in either Vanillegelb or Tiefseeblau, a bespoke interior and lightweight, five-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in Pilot Sport PS2 Michelins. The cost of entry is just under 80,000 euros and if you've got the coin to purchase one of the 170 models Artega is expected to produce annually, you can pour over all the details in the press release after the jump.


Statement by Klaus Dieter Frers at the Press Conference at the 2008 Autosalon International Motor Show in Geneva

Ladies and gentlemen,

Geneva is a very special place for us. It's good to be back home. Here two years ago I discussed my ideas for a sports car design having extraordinary proportions with Henrik Fisker and finally we signed the contract.

The world premiere was held one year ago at this very same place where we are gathered today. Back then we earned a lot of praise from professionals and media for the concept and its quality of detail.

And for the courage to set the Artega clearly apart from what we call "exotic" cars. The flexibility of small-series production, joined with the quality and safety of large series production – is a new combination we have achieved in a truly exemplary manner. Allow me to acknowledge and thank the entire Artega team for this outstanding achievement.

Skill, passion and inspiration are the core values behind Artega. What started out as a reference work for paragon AG, a Tier 1 to the automotive industry I founded 20 years ago, assumed an astonishing momentum of its own in a very short time. The goal is clear: The Artega GT will enrich the sports cars scene with an innovative, lightweight design. And to launch a successful brand that draws its inspiration from the future.

A year ago today I presented to you in my role as the initiator of the project the prototype of the Artega GT. And now it's an honor for me – as chairman of the Artega company's advisory board – to unveil the Artega GT just the way you'll see it rolling off our assembly line in the middle of this year. Besides the breathtaking design, the
Artega GT's technology is fascinating.

The Artega GT is the first automobile in the world with an industrially crafted, full body made of polyurethane. It is this, along with the aluminum space frame and the high-tensile-steel component supports, which contributes to the remarkably low weight of about 1,100 kilograms.

With a length of about 4 meters it's as short as a compact, wide as a luxury limousine and as low as a supersportscar.

The car seems to be bigger inside than outside. It has got lots of storage compartments, 300 liters of room for suitcases, golf bags or indeed a child safety seat, and a 68-liter fuel tank (or an optional 80-liter one).

It shows outstanding driving performance with its 300 horsepower engine and six-speed direct-shift gearbox from VW, direct steering and a responsive suspension, that turns every trip into pure enjoyment because of the comfortable but sporty ride.

Extremely effective crash modules front and rear, steel side impact protection, seat belt tensioners and two full-size front and thorax airbags are the measures for passive safety.

The newest ABS generation, the ASP stability program with four drive settings, and traction control – are features normally found only at the supersportscar level.

Our user-friendly system for control and driver information in the style of a high-end HiFi system is from paragon.

It is qualities like these that have made the first year's production almost completely sold out. We're very happy about this, since it shows just how popular and in demand our sports car is.

If you can't find what you're looking for from large-scale car makers and are searching for an alternative without having to turn to an exotic car, then the Artega is right for you.

When you buy from us you won't find equipment taken off the shelf from an accessories shop. The wheels, seats, steering wheel, headlights, outside mirrors, display and control components – all this and more – were developed especially for the Artega GT. This is what individuality looks like.

Following an unusually intensive testing program for a small-series automobile, which included a climate wind tunnel, a series of different crash tests and extensive road tests, the second quarter of this year will see the pilot and pre-production series. In late May we will inaugurate our Brand & Sales Center in Delbrück, and then in July
the big moment will come: The first Artega GT will be presented to its proud new owner.

And it will be a vehicle like the one shown here as we have come up with something very special for the start of the new Artega brand.

The new German sports car will be available starting in mid-2008 in a strictly limited introductory edition of 99 vehicles. The "Intro 2008" will come in two exclusive paintworks of Vanillegelb (vanilla yellow) and Tiefseeblau (deep-sea blue), brilliant ultralight forged wheels and other special features – all this for the remarkably economical total price including German value-added tax of 79,790 euros.

In addition to the "Intro 2008" we are showing you a chassis frame without the body. It shows something you might otherwise not see - the kind of systematic quality manufacturing using aerospace standards. It demonstrates impressively the amount of effort that our engineers have made to give the customer a car that in terms of safety goes well beyond what the law requires.

The new German sports car – the Artega GT – stands for a modern-day enrichment to the automobile market. Lightweight construction suitable for everyday driving and touring, with a fascinating design at an affordable price.

Thank you for coming. And keep watching us.

Artega GT technical data and facts

Frame: Aluminium space frame
Rear module: Tubular frame-type rear module in high-strength steel
Body: Carbon fibre-reinforced composite materials
Dimensions (L x W x H): 4010 mm x 1880 mm x 1180 mm
Trunk capacity: 300 litres (225 behind the seats and 75 under the frontbonnet)
Wheelbase: 2,460 mm
Kerb weight: Approx.1,100 kg
Engine: Rear-mounted V6 with directinjection
Displacement: 3,597 ccm
Output: 300 hp (220 kW)
Transmission: Six-speed direct-shiftgearbox
Tank volume: 68 litres standard (80 litres on request)
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: Under 5 seconds
Top speed: Over 270 km/h

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