Geneva 2008: Spending time with the Tata Nano

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The Geneva Motor Show provided our first opportunity to get up close and mildly personal with Tata's potentially revolutionary Nano. Overall, we're pretty damned impressed. The squat dimensions and short overhangs lend themselves well to the Nano's protuberant proportions, and as much as we tried, we had a hard time finding where Tata really skimped on the exterior elements.

There were two models rotating on stage, the $2,500 "basic" version that's garnered more press than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined, and the lesser-known "luxury" version that gets an enhanced interior, some color-keyed body panels, fog lamps and larger wheels with an additional bolt (the lesser model only sports three lugs versus the upgraded model's four). Unfortunately, when we asked to take a look inside, the nice gentlemen from Tata kindly told us that the doors were locked and we'd have to make better use of our telephoto lens. That might be an indication as to where Tata skimped on materials, but for the money, the intended audience won't be expecting Audi-quality interiors.

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