Geneva 2008: more images of the Pininfarina Sintesi

Click above to view the Pininfarina Sintesi concept in hi-res

Pininfarina. Just the name evokes thoughts of sheet-metal rendered into curvaceous works of art. And at Geneva this year, Pininfarina did not disappoint, unveiling one of the most achingly beautiful four-door concepts we've seen to date. In fact, we were so taken with it, we had to bring you more after our own Jonathon Ramsey brought you the first live pics yesterday.

The Sintesi, whose slow reveal we brought you incrementally as the studio released details week by week in the wind-up to this year's Geneva Motor Show, takes the notion of a four-door coupe, crumples it up and ever so elegantly throws it in the face of just about every passenger vehicle that has come before it, including Pininfarina's own Maserati Quattroporte. Come to think of it, the QP is due for a replacement, and if the Sintesi previews the next Trident sedan in any way, we just might have to mortgage our homes.

Click on the thumbnails below to view all our best live shots and a host of new press pics.

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